Business Flight Shop provides advice to British and Irish passport holders only. Please note that your passport should have at least 6 months validity on the return date back to UK. The Home Office requires that children under 16 years travel on their own passports.


It is your responsibility to obtain a Visa and also important to be aware of the cost, methodology and time for Visa processing. This can vary considerably in different countries so we recommend that you contact the embassy concerned directly for the most up to date advice and information.


As the recommended inoculations for travel may change at any time, it is recommended that you consider the health requirements of your visiting destination mentioned in the Department of Health book: "The Traveler's Guide to Health" — available by contacting 0800555777. You may also consult your doctor for current recommendations.


Visiting a new country brings new experiences and excitement, but we recommend that you stay vigilant at all times whether you are simply touring, holidaying, or visiting.

We are constantly trying to meet your standards in Health and Safety but we cannot guarantee that the services provided by the third parties will meet these required standards. Therefore, we recommend you to take reasonable precautionary measures before taking services offered by third parties. Also, for security and safety reason the Foreign Office may advise not to visit a certain country, and in such a case we would abide by that advice.

We further recommend that you do not carry expensive items or wear expensive jewellery when travelling to your destination as a precaution.